Brighton and Hove Peoples Day – June 18th 2011

Exploring Senses co-ordinated and facilitated a creative workshop for the residents and visitors of Brighton & Hove during Peoples Day 2011. As artists we love drawing and enjoy sending people, gifts we have made. Like many seaside towns, Brighton is famous for novelty postcards. With this in mind we devised two activities, a “Wish You Were Here” postcard workshop, and a “Bonnie Prince Regent and Katie Price” peep board. For the postcard activity we asked people to draw something inspirational about Brighton & Hove. These were sent to local residents of retirement homes. The workshop was a success, over two hundred people participated in our free event. It was very encouraging to see how many people were inspired to draw, some had not drawn for many years. The peep board was also very popular and most people could not believe both activities were free.

We created two flickr sites to document the postcard artwork, and peep show photos so that the people who participated can download a memory for free;



A web link to the Brighton and Hove People’s Day official web page;

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