TAKEPART Festival 2012, 24th June – 8th July, Brighton

Exploring Senses Artist David Allistone visited the Brighton and Hove Albion’s new Amex Stadium to attend the TAKEPART Festival 2012 launch. 

Exploring Senses Artists recognize the need for inclusive, positive, fun, active, community engagement, and enjoy providing combined arts experiences for the residents and visitors of Brighton, Hove and beyond. Our interests include the intersection between art and sport, and how combining these activities might provoke attention to their similarities, and relationship difficulties. At school, sport and art are often seen as the preserve of the less intellectual students. Both activities also suffer from hierarchy of natural ability, and the mixed messages of “participant” and “entertainer.” Exploring Senses Artists have frequently noticed that people who enjoy sports people often feel excluded from the arts, and that people who enjoy the arts often feel excluded from sport. Reasons for this could be a person’s lack of self-belief, natural ability, anxiety or social grouping.
In response Exploring Senses Artists would like to research the relationship of the art and sport intersection, and how the two activities can be successfully united by designing, hosting and documenting a series of healthy, cultural, artistic, sporting, fun, games!
Our first event will be on Sunday 29th April 2012. More info about activities, event name, location, and how to get involved in the making, or how to participate will be listed soon.
Cheerio: )

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