(in)Xclusion Toy Hacking pictures: )

David was accompanied by Lee and Gary (two Emmaus companions) on a trip up to Leeds on the 25th Feb to participate at (in)Xclusion, a live 24hr art event. We provided Toy Hacking at Leeds Emmaus on the Sunday, which was a blast, lots of happy, smiley faces, both young and old, reveling in pure joy at how simple and engaging Toy Hacking is: ) I think the trend will be expanding and hopefully the ‘CommuniToy’ project will have Leeds members!

A big thank you to all Adam Young (in)Xclusion, Chris Graham (Leeds Emmaus) and Jon Wakeman (East Street Arts).
The (in)Xclusion event was really good fun. Lee, Gary and myself enjoyed experiencing lots of fun interesting activities and experiences, including Louise Orwin’s Barbie……One experience I will never forget…..thank you, and you definitely have the power: )

We also had great conversation with lots of artists and people who are interested in the concept of how artists can effect social change. Resource and skills exchange was also on the agenda………perfect when discussed at Emmaus……..true pioneers of how social inclusion can be achieved through skills and resource exchange: )

Enjoy the pics…..apologies for delay: )

Thank you People for being very nice: )

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