Care Co-ops x Exploring Senses Partners in Art Collab begins!!

Steve Robinson and David Allistone visited Brighton Museum yesterday to start their ‘Partner’s in Art’ experience. We had a nice look around the museum and Steve was fascinated with the Punch and Judy installation.

Frank and Judy Explained by Steve Robinson           
I’ll try to be fairly brief. I’ll come to the punch line. I’ll try not to plod on too much. You don’t need a load of old croc. I’ll just Judy fat.
I hope you enjoy my picture. I put my thinking head on and perfectly placed the characters on the stage. This is the lesser, known part of the show where PC Plod gives Punch and alternative type of punishment. Croc is rather amused. Shortly after this, Judy comes back up onto the stage without me using my hands. God knows how she does that! She flies around the stage and then sends everyone including me into prison. We all get remanded in puppetry.
Thank you for reading my story from top to Sidebottom.

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