Exploring Senses x Lynn Ruth Miller x Emmaus: Brighton Fringe Festival 2012

Exploring Senses start their Brighton Fringe activities and events at Emmaus this Saturday 5th May in glorious style with a free session of Toy Hacking….YiPEEEEEE!!!!
Come down and take part in making your dream toy come to life……: )
Below is a list of our dates for our Emmaus Fringe Activities, which include American Comedian Lynn Ruth Miller!!: )
Check her out;
Emmaus x Exploring Senses Brighton Fringe Events May 2012 

Saturday 5th May

12-3pm – ‘Toys ARRRRGh! Us’ – Toy Hacking workshop for all ages – Participants are invited to reuse toys to make new hybrid toy creations. A real family favourite: )

Saturday 12th May

12-2pm – ‘Robot Relays’, plus star guest Lynn Ruth Miller as referee/compare
Participants are invited to construct a robot costume out of cardboard to wear whilst performing ridiculous sports games.

Saturday 26th May

12-2pm – ‘Toys ARRRRGH! Us’ – Toy Hacking workshop for all ages – as before.

2-3pm – Lynn Ruth Miller Live Puppet Show – using the toy hacks created from the previous workshop, with audience participation sound effects and music.

Please visit the Emmaus website for address details;


Have fun, go make and create: ))

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