The Bruce Lacey Experience

The Bruce Lacey Experience

Last night I went to the Brighton Corn Exchange to see an advanced viewing of the ‘Bruce Lacey Experience’, a film co directed by Jeremy Deller and Nicholas Abrahams, which was a mind blowing journey into the archive of a creative man who continues to turn his dreams into real situations. Lacey enjoys performing arts, painting, sculpting, science fiction, nature, young people, music, and goofing around, his is also interested in shamanism, making extraordinary mechanical devices, and living life to the full, an true extraordinary character. During his career he worked alongside The Goons, The Beatles, and had opportunities to work with music super group Hawkwind, who wanted him to build some machines to use in their live stage show, which he turned down as the project did not suit his artistic direction at the time……he said this to me last night, when we briefly chatted, thanks Bruce, you are a legend… would be amazing to show his film at The Brighton International Youth Arts Festival at BYC in May 2013……fingers crossed.

By David Allistone

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