Exploring Senses + Bob and Roberta Smith + Towner Gallery + Culture 24 + melting Vinyl

Could’nt believe my luck when i, Hannah Coxeter, got picked to assist Bob and Roberta Smith with his workshops at the Towner Gallery Yesterday.

The Daytime family workshops were so much fun, painting vegetables to perfection (yes, on the vege!), Bobs concrete slogan block rubbings were loved by all as he signed anyone who asked, and the make a new word, and define it, was great, and has created a whole new vocab for all!

The evenings entertainment was the same workshops, but done in the lift! And a dodgy art exhibition where people brought in some hilarious pieces, with the winner being a large papermache mouse! All who took part got their certificate stamped so they would qualify in the University of Misunderstanding!

Totally inspiring day, met lots of amazing people and have brought more of Bobs books already, hope Exploring Senses get to work with him in the future, as his approach, and positive energy towards getting community involved is great.

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