Peoples Day – The Sharing Games – Toy Hacking – Exploring Senses ‘X’ Crowd Share – Saturday July 14th

Remember safety first………nice touch David Arnold: )
The summer rain has changed the dynamics of Exploring Senses x Crowd Share ‘Peoples Day’ event in usually sunny Brighton. Luckily the good hard working peeps at Brighton City Council (big thanks: ) had a wet weather plan in full effect. The Sharing Games was housed inside the foyer of the delightful Corn Exchange. It was a cramped affair, but fun was had by all who came down to participate in some good old sharing values. Toy Hacking was complimented by Richard Robinson’s Amazing Impossible Machine, plus paper toys, clothes and book swapping, indeed it was a merry occasion and also the unveiling of the Exploring Senses Crowd Share fabric banners……….and that’s another story in itself!: )

Big thanks to Emmaus Brighton’s Lee Radford  (above photo), who has been helping make Toy Hacking and Robot Relay’s events happen!!: )
Enjoy these amazing pictures of the days event provided by Exploring Senses newest artist and official photographer David Arnold…….you are a star: )

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