Exploring Senses x The Summer of Cycling – Sunday 16th September 2012

The lovely Katherine Travis from Brighton and Hove City Council’s ‘Summer of Cycling’ project arranged a photo shoot with the Argus, and an interview with Meridian TV. Hannah and myself spent an hour riding on Hove Lawns jousting, which was a real blast, especially with gale force winds. Things started to get rather serious once Hannah took me out with a head shot…….this was not enough as she continued to take out the cameraman…….very funny indeed!!: )

Do come down this Sunday to Hove Lawns, as you can make, and decorate your own robo-knight costume, race on small bike, joust to settle old scores, make badges, and have lots of fun. The Bike Doctor will be on hand to fix your cycling problems, and there will be lots of crazy machines to view and enjoy!: )

Check out our interview with meridian TV;
Below are some fun images in the making of costumes at Emmaus, hello Gary and hannah: )

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