Posca Sponsored ‘Occupy’ – ES x BYC – DIY Culture event

The awesome Zombie Uprising mural was hand drawn by visiting Posca sponsored artist Dave Webb. All the peeps at BYC love the design, Dave Webb totally nailed the BYC vibe: )
His mural has set a high standard for future artists using Posca paint pens at BYC.

Saturday 27th October was a very busy day for the ES crew. Still recovering from the TEDxBrighton Toy Hack we began to prepare for the BYC ‘Occupy’ DIY Culture event. The event started at 5pm, providing six hours of live art, music, skate, Pong Plexed, dance, food, and general good vibes activities. Occupy was an all ages event, and we just under 300 people attended the event, which is not bad at all.

ES recently secured sponsorship for our activities at BYC and across the city from the almighty Posca, the fine makers of ace paint pens (see below). We are very excited about this partnership as we use lots of paint pens within our ES activities and events. This sponsorship will allow ES to deliver lots more fun activities and events, City Wide, National, and in Europe, to people of all ages. Firstly we can now commence the BYC DIY culture arts programme in full swing…….watch this space for more info.

ES provided a Robot Relays activity with a twist, as the space hopper jousting games were played inside a boxing ring……..big than to Rag Roof theatre for there support for providing the ring and hosting the play of games: ) 

ES used Posca pens to decorate the cardboard Robot costumes, see below for lots of images from the event, apologies for the blurs…..no expensive camera to hand……

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