CommuniToy – Toy Hacking in Houses of Commons

This evenings CommuniToy Toy Hacking event at the House of Commons was a storming success. Exploring Senses was part of a larger Global Sharing Day event, which invites you to join the rapidly growing sharing economy. Some of you may ask what is this? Sharing can involve swooping skills, resources, time, knowledge, but without any cash
transaction. Exploring Senses have already worked in partnership with Emmaus Brighton, swooping our skills, be it a free weekly art group, or by providing activities and events for fund raising days. In exchange Emmaus provide resources, which are often toys destined for the scrap heap for Toy Hacking workshops, or use of a van filled with petrol. Our partnership has worked like this since August 2011, no cash has ever changed hands.

Toy Hacking is very contagious. The activity encourages resource and skills exchange, reuse of materials, making skills, the continuation of play from nursery age, creative learning, community engagement, and sharing. So why not play and learn new skills!

Exploring Senses would like to help you get involved with CommuniToy. Lets make it happen. If this interests you email;

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