Brighton University – MA Sustainable Design – Florian Riviere – Urban Hackivist

Last week ES artist David Allistone was invited to attend and speak at Florian Riviere’s Lecture for the University of Brighton’s MA Sustainable Design course. Course leader Dr Jonathan Chapman is considered a key international contributor to the discourse(s) on sustainability and design, internationally; receiving significant levels of critical acclaim, such as CNN International, New Statesman and the New York Times. Jonathan taught me during a sustainable design segment  during my first year on the University of Brighton’s BSC Product Design course. I found his workshops and lectures very inspirational, in fact helped make my transition onto the BA 3D Design/materials Practice course, which helped mould me into the person and direction I am travelling towards today….big thanks!

Florian Riviere is a ‘Design Hacktivist’ and a very likeable guy, intelligent, resourceful, fun, creative, plus he gets to travel worldwide providing problem solving interactions…….I think the RCA would be totally down with his approach and angle of interest. Like Exploring Senses Florian is interested in similar values…….please note I have added further explanation in RED, as how I understood this;


FUN   (Spontaneous/Ludic)
FREE (Open Source/Autonomy – of the City/working together)
FUC* (Subversive/Anarchy – think more like playful protest – positive – non aggressive)


DRIFT  (Exploration/Get Lost – use local maps, find abandoned objects)
Divert  (Observation/Change Standards – find problems, things to improve, discover ideas)
DIY      (Fabrication/Share Idea – make, install, and document interactions…post online)

Its great when you meet other people in the world who are as passionate about social, art, design, sustainable, community, interactions as you are!!: )

Check out Florian Riviere Hack This City for more info about Urban Hacktivism…..I totally recommend your do…….no disapointment!

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