CommuniToy x 6Heads ‘Unusual Christmas – London Innovation Warehouse

ES participated at the 6Heads ‘Unusual Christmas’ event at London’s Innovation Warehouse. ES crew members David Allistone and Madelaine Conaghan attend the awesome event, our hosts certainly have the spirt and are encouraging some very positive innovative ideas about the reuse of materials, sharing, collaborating, playful learning, the importance of creativity………..just about all the Exploring Senses values!!: )

It’s really great when you meet likeminds, and we hope to be collaborating with 6Heads at fure innovative London events!

Plus a nice little review of how CommuniToy works to inspire and engage people;

Futerra’s stall was next to a table full of what can only be described as ‘frankentoys’. The organiser, Communitoy, is a Brighton based charity that gives kids the opportunity to chop up old cuddly toys and use the limbs to sow together their own creation, just like Toy Story. Afterwards, the kids take them away. Intrigued, I jumped in, viciously depriving a large giraffe of its tail and head, and replacing them with the body of a snake and the head of a stuffed Elmo. The result was a gruesome creation, but one which I feel a certain attachment to, having made it myself.

The idea of Communitoy is that it gives children an opportunity to learn how to make stuff in a fun and easy way. From small beginnings, they might move on to making their own clothes, presents or circuit boards. This is very relevant to FutureScapes – we currently don’t have much control over what our devices look like or do. You can only imagine how much fun people of all ages could have at a technology ‘chop shop’.

For more info about the event collaborators including ES!: )

Check out the fun images below taken by ES and Alexander Yip;

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