Codes for Kids: City Camp Brighton 2013, March 22-24

Jake Heath – Director of ‘Codes for Kids’
Codes for kids – coding lessons and peer-to-peer learning for young children across the city.

Exploring Senses duo Hannah Coxeter, and David Allistone teamed up with Neil Ford from Code Club and Jake Heath to help develop an introduce a crash course ‘Codes for Kids’ summer school project to be tested in Brighton and Hove, hopefully during summer 2013.

Find out more about City Camp 2013.

Exploring Senses is currently developing an educational peer to peer learning program of activities and events under the moniker of DIY Cultures, we hope ‘Codes for Kids’ will be included, to run alongside Exploring Senses projects CommuniToy, and Robot Relays. DIY Cultures will also include other digital activities such as X-Box Kinect Hacks, Makey Makey Makey, plus many craft based activities such as making zines, textiles, urban/outsider art etc.

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