The Brightoneers – find us on Meetup

David Allistone has attended several ‘Meetup’ events hosted by Brightoneers crew member Tom Nikon, who is helping form a HR dedicated to sustainable business in Brighton, Hove and beyond…….. One of these avenues includes research into alternative local currencies, including possibly smart cards, and maybe resource and/or skills exchange (David has been banging the drum about this one!). Daniel Webb is leading the debate towards local smart cards, and is a very knowledgable person about alternative money/resource solutions.

The Brightoneers are also dedicated to helping other like minds such as Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-operative Ltd, an energy supplier run as a social enterprise, aimed at reducing energy costs to help local communities. Other great groups we have encountered  are ‘The Bevey’; local community pub in the making, ‘Exeter St Hall’; local community hall owned and run by locals, and ‘Start Some Good’; a great peer to peer funding platform (crowd funding).
In short, ES recommend’s ‘The Brightoneers’ as a positive progressive HR for citizens of Brighton and Hove, why not join the action, and be part of the debate to help create a future for Brighton!!: )

Big thanks to Tom Nixon for arranging the Brightoneers Meetup’s: )

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