CommuniToy Creations – Images from ‘What the Health’ event, Bevendean

Exploring Senses provided the Bevendean community a FREE day of CommuniToy toy hacking. The event was a total success, lots of young people, and family members got stuck in and made some awesome hybrid creations. One hundred and twenty people attended todays event, and the majority participated in Toy hacking, which is totally awesome! The ES crew had great conversations with the local, and there is plenty of excitement about the prospect of more CommuniToy activities in the future months ahead!

This was the first in a series of CommuniToy activities for the Bevendean community. Exploring Senses are now working in partnership with Trust for Developing Communities, and have been funded by Sussex Community Foundation…..big, big thanks!: )

Remember folks Exploring Senses provide a FREE DIY Cultures hacking session at BYC every Friday, 7-9pm, so come down and do some more toy hacking, art, craft, digital, music or fashion projects…..all are related: )

Exploring Senses are really excited about the Bevendean project, and look forward to plenty more: )

Big thanks to all of those who took part, and made today happen!!: )

Enjoy the pictures, cheerio: )

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