‘Make Some Noise’ Art Exhibtion: Exploring Senses x Care Co-ops x Emmaus

‘Make Some Noise’

‘The Spiders Web’

‘Girlfriend’s Best Friend’

‘It’s Not the A-Team’

‘Yodalling on a Hill’

‘The Smurfs’

‘Weird Animal Science’

‘Cars and Guitars’

‘Butterflies on TV’

‘Butterfly Night Fever’

‘No Artificial Colours’

‘Cossima Scratched it’

‘Leaf the Cat Alone’

‘I Believe in Blue’

‘Too Many to Count’

‘The Day the Robots Stood Still’

‘In the Bright Garden’

‘The Four Musketeers’

‘You Can’t Handle the Tooth’

‘Snow White and the Salad Dwarfs’

‘Make Some Noise’

‘The Cycle of Life’

‘Blueberry Hair Raiser’

‘Subconscious Area’

‘Jam I Am’

‘I’m Bored with My Head’

‘Happy Storm’

‘Times Up, or Done Appropriately’


‘Freddie Mercury in Heaven’

‘Leaves on the Line’

‘Self Raising Flour and Milk’

‘Wombat Cat’

‘David Arnold – Thanks for taking the photos!!: )

Preparing to construct the walls for the exhibition

The exhibition installed – Wall One PT1

‘Wall One PT2’

‘Wall Two’

‘Wall Three’

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