Exploring Senses ‘CommuniToy’ – Bevendean Repair Cafe – Trust for Developing Communities – 29th May 2013

Today Exploring Senses artist David Allistone facilitated the second in a series of CommuniToy workshops in Bevendean. Fifteen highly creative local residents took part during the 2hr CommuniToy session, making some amazing Toy Hack creations! 

Bevendean is located on the outskirts of Brighton, next to Moulsecoomb. There is only one road in and out of the community, which has very little in the way of local amenities/shops.  Spending time in Bevendean has made me realise that daily life without public transport, and local shops must make living in the area rather restricting for some folk, who either do not have a car, are not very mobile, or do not have internet access. Bus fairs are expensive, especially if you have a family, and young people must feel kinda separated from the buzz of central Brighton life. 

The Bevendean locals are a lovely crew of people, very hospitable, and their is a great sense of community; something that is often missing from central crowded locations. 

Exploring Senses aim to help existing Bevendean services; such as the ‘Repair Cafe’ project at the church hall, working in partnership with Trust for Developing Communities, who are doing a ace job already! We do not wish to invent the wheel, but do hope our low cost creative activities will inspire some folk to continue to play and embrace DIY Cultures……….the fun is in the making!!: )
Big thanks to all who are helping us make it happen: )

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