Help us reduce landfill waste and provide FREE Toy Hacking workshops to 1000s of people across Brighton & Hove

Exploring Senses have just launched a peer to peer funding campaign to provide FREE CommuniToy Toy Hacking workshops for the local communities and schools. We recognise and value our supporters and feel this is a great way to connect with our audience. If you have ever wanted to get involved with CommuniToy, now is your chance!

If you are one of the many thousands who have already participated and enjoyed a FREE CommuniToy Toy Hacking workshop it would be great if you could support our campaign to help ensure we can continue providing more FREE CommuniToy events.

We are looking for individuals, groups of friends, businesses, events to support us. 

Individuals can purchase gift cards, how to Toy Hack posters, Toy Hacking Sessions, and handmade bespoke CommuniToy Toy hacks made by Exploring Senses artists.

Groups of friends could either book a private CommuniToy Toy Hacking session, or join a open session, plus you can also try out Robot Relays!

If you are a business you could book a CommuniToy Toy hacking session or Robot Relays event for your staff to enjoy on a Friday afternoon. We guarantee it will be a very exciting fun experience, plus you will be supporting local communities through corporate social responsibility.

If you are hosting an event, you could book a CommuniToy Toy Hacking workshop to add an inspiring fun making experience to help support your work, and create a happy buzzing networking environment.

Recently we have experimented with this at local business social pioneers Nixon Mcinnes, check out images and comments.

Please support our campaign as we can work together to make the future happen!!: )

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