CommuniToy awarded Santander Community Business Award

Earlier this year Exploring Senses entered the Santander University of Brighton Enterprise Awards 2013, for the most enterprising community project. Our entry was based upon the business model to provide CommuniToy Toy Hacking workshops for the corporate sector, by offering a ‘buy one get one free’ package. The way it works is that a business will purchase a workshop for its employees as a team building option. 50% of the workshop cost will then be used to fund one more CommuniToy Toy Hacking workshop at a local school, or for a local community or their choice. This will enable businesses to connect to their local communities, and to provide a means of satisfying corporate social responsibility. Exploring Senses submitted this business/educational/community/service idea to Santander in the form of ‘CommuniToy National’. 

Exploring Senses have already tested this format with local social business pioneers ‘Nixon Mciness’. Check out the review  and images of the event!!: )

Competitions are a nail biting process, especially as we were lucky enough to be shortlisted to the final four in our chosen category. 

Last Thursday evening was the day of reckoning, and it was a close call, sadly CommuniToy did not quite make first place, but we were highly commended and speciallly awarded to recognise this fact, yippee: )

The road to success is a long hall, you have to try, and apply your dreams to many situations, some you win, some you don’t, but in all experiences you gain further knowledge, make more friends and increase the visibility and likelihood of success for your project.

Life is about making mistakes. The more you make the more you learn. If you do not try, you cannot fail, but you will not learn either. You have to share, collaborate, put yourself and your ideas on the line. By doing so you will find your place, develop your ideas, and make your dreams come true!!: )

Big thanks to Beepurple who organised the awards, here is a short film explaining what they do and spot the two second photo of David Allistone clutching the above award at the ceremony!

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