Robot Relays at Wild Park – amazing making experience in the sun + Summer Code Club = FREE Raspberry Pi

Exploring Senses artists Hannah, David, and Grant provided a free Robot Relays cardboard making experience yesterday at Wild Park Festival. It was amazing day of making in the sunshine!

During the event we chatted with lots of nice local people who produced some awesome crafted outfits and other objects such as boats. 

One of the participants, named Jai, explained enthusiastically how he enjoys coding, playing Minecraft, and using X-box Kinect hacks to control his avatar in Minecraft. Such creativity is inspiring, and very apt, as Exploring Senses and Code Club are working in partnership this summer to pilot a Summer Code Club, which will coding and making (including Toy hacking), last for one week between 5th-9th August 2013, and be located at the Church hall in Bevendean. The experience will be ‘free’ for 20 lucky young people aged 8-12yrs, and we are happy to announce that Jai has the first place!

BONUS!! – all 20 participants of the Summer Code Club will get to take home a FREE Raspberry Pi…….how cool is that!!: )
Please email if you are interested in participating.

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