Green Man Festival – Day 1

Exploring Senses were out in full force at Green Man festival in Wales this year as part of the excellent “Mad Hackers Tea Party” Three days of free workshops for kids in the educational Einstein’s Garden area.

We had a lot of fun providing Toy Hacking and Robot Relays sessions, and worked alongside Tassos Stamou teaching circuit bending and tinkering with sound toys,  and the MzTEK crew providing wearable electronics and sewable ‘soft circuits’ workshops.

We were so busy we barely had a spare moment to take photos, but here are a few of the mutant toys created on the first day that we managed to capture on camera before they escaped and ran loose around the festival.

This man even hacked his hat too!

The workshop dome was chock full of kids working away on their crazy creations all afternoon, and there were even some amazing multi-hacks made by kids incorporating stuff from the different activities on offer.

The first of the multi-hacks started life as this little guy :

Which with some help from MzTEK, became this! :

Around 140 children (and plenty of their parents too!) participated over the three hours, we had some excellent feedback from all who came, and it seemed to go down a storm.

Face hack!

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