Green Man Festival – Day 2

Exploring Senses were out in full force at Green Man festival in Wales this year as part of the excellent “Mad Hackers Tea Party” Three days of free workshops for kids in the educational Einstein’s Garden area.

We had a lot of fun providing Toy Hacking and Robot Relays sessions, and worked alongside Tassos Stamou teaching circuit bending and tinkering with sound toys,  and the MzTEK crew providing wearable electronics and sewable ‘soft circuits’ workshops.

When we arrived at the dome to set up on day 2, there was literally a baying crowd of people ready and waiting! Within 10 seconds of opening the place looked like this : 

… and it only got busier through the day!

People got super creative with the circuit bending, and sewing electronics into their toy hacks. This young girl is responsible for possibly one of the freakiest things we’ve seen made in our workshops (and that’s no mean feat!) 

She made this circuit bent teddy bear, complete with red LEDs on it’s head, and a dial on it’s hand that distorts the sound….

Here are some of the other creations from the day :

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