Exploring Senses presents: ‘Toys ARRRRGH! Us’ – an alternative experience: reuse toys destined for landfill: make special interactive voice recordable and robotic Christmas gifts

Its Christmas time again folks, and you naturally want to find the ultimate perfect gift for all your loved ones, family and friends. The shops are crammed with glorious novelties – the latest this, the latest that – but nothing seems to express what I would like to say! 

Maybe you would like to make it and have an ethical, fun, imaginative, mind blowing experience, where you get to make ridiculous hybrid mutant creations, learn about electronics and solder circuits to incorporate robotics, flashing eyes, make them move and speak your message; providing awesome interactive fun for all the family to enjoy over the Christmas holiday.

Its time to save a Toy from a landfilled fate – build your own unique toy creation and bring discarded toys back to life!

Exploring Senses are providing opportunities for you to make a special Christmas gifts during the New England House Open Studios Show 2013.

The workshops will take place inside the Toys ARRRRGH! US Christmas Grotto, located deep within the Wired Sussex ‘Fusebox’ Studio Space on the 4th floor of New England House, New England Street, Brighton, BN1 4HG.

There are three workshops to choose from. You can book online using Eventbrite. Toys ARRRRGH! Us’ making experience, and start making Christmas happen!!: )

Alternatively, you can drop by and pay as play, as long as there is room available, as spaces are limited to 20 per session.

Option One = £15

Your chance to make a flashing LED eyes mutant toy creation.

Drop in: anytime we are around at the Fusebox 

Option Two = £25

Your chance to make a robotic, moving, flashing LED eyes mutant toy creation.
Option Three = £25
Your chance to make an interactive, voice recorded message, flashing LED eyes mutant toy creation.

Book Online: Saturday 14th December, 3pm-5:30pm

Arts Council
Robotic CommuniToy
CommuniToy Kits

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