Shine on London Road: Live Now!!

‘Hidden Toys’
Interactive projection
By Exploring Senses Artist Louis D’Aboville 
Open Thur-Sun 5-9pm until 5th Jan 2014
FB – Exploring Senses
Last night was the launch of Exploring Senses artist Louis d’Aboville’s ‘Hidden Toys’ live interactive digital installation for the Brighton and Hove City Council’s ‘Shine On London Road’ arts commission. The project is funded by Arts Council England and five artists have been commissioned to present audio, visual, electronic, and digital installations. 

Exploring Senses are totally stoked about this opportunity for Louis, as it’s allowed him to showcase his creative digital talent, and fuse ‘CommuniToy’ Toy Hacking creations made by local people into interactive projected animations.

The installation will be live at the weekends during December until the 5th January. We will post more info about days, times over the next few days.

Do try and make it to the installation to have a play around, its definitely worth the vist, its very entertaining, and fun for all ages (adults should play too: )

Check out the films below, and poster for more information about the other artists involved in the Shine On London Road project.
Arts Council
CommuniToy Performances
CommuniToy Animations

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