ICT and Art Connect: Watermans Arts Centre: London: Saturday 18th January 2014

David and Louis attended a two day organized event at the Watermans Arts Centre in London to investigate the growing connection between artists and technologists;


ICT & Art Connect @ Watermans Arts Centre

A two-day event will be organized in Watermans Arts Centre (London West, UK) from January 18 to 19, 2014, to pursue the project objective to bring artists and technologists together across the EU, draw feedback and foster developments of new ideas, projects and directions. Register for free on EventBrite!
On day-1, global speakers on creativity & collaboration such as Linda Candy, Christiane Paul, Lizbeth Goodman & Huw Williams, Irini Papadimitriou and Declan Kirrane will deliver inspiring keynotes, and facilitate discussions and ideas to help shape EC Future Emerging Technology investment in art & tech co-creation across Europe.
Come and experience the potential for art & tech collaboration with a whole evening dedicated to installations and performances of the performers Stanza, Marco Donnarumma, Ominous, and more to come!
On day 2, you will have the chance to meet and engage with like-minded practitioners at matchmaking sessions.
Don’t miss this chance to apply for funding to start a new project! Facilitators will nurture and support new pairings with proposals towards funded residencies.
We would be glad to meet you, so sign up here for the event and in the meanwhile look for potential partners atwww.matchmaking.ict-art-connect.eu
Find more details in the event brochure.

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