Code For Kids 2.0: Weds 19th-21st Feb 2014

Over half term, Exploring Senses put on “Code for Kids 2.0” – a 3 day series of free workshops, doing creative coding, toy hacking, and making games using MIT’s Scratch software at Brighton Youth Center. (you can read about the first code for kids here)

It was a super busy 3 days, and a lot of fun!

Each day we sat down together and went through some of the things you can make in scratch, then helped the children make their own games and projects.

On the first day we talked about what exactly a Raspberry Pi is, had a look at the Scratch software and played around with some of the basic commands. We spent the second half of the afternoon toy hacking, and made a cast of characters to photograph and use in our projects the next day.

On day 2 we looked at adding keyboard controls, changing the size and colours of sprites, and then had a play with our toy sprites from the day before.

Day 3 started with everybody teaching the others something cool that they had learned, then we got stuck into finishing all the different things people had started. There was a maze game, a flappy bird style game with multiple levels, a version of pac-man where you control both pac-man and the ghosts at the same time, various short animations, and this game where you play a tiny shark chasing crabs around.

Here’s a few snippets of what we got up to :

Big thanks to Sussex Community Foundation for making this project happen.

Arts Council
CommuniToy Animations

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