Guerilla Mobile Toy Hacking project – ICT and ART connect

Following our visit to ICT and ART Connect Louis submitted a proposal to further develop the mobile toy hacking workshop on street level. The mobile toy hacking project has been in the back of minds since we started toy hacking. It first manifested in thought as workshop delivered on a bus, then a tuck shop TucTuc, and lastly on bikes, possibly by converting an old ice cream bicycle. 

The time or place for this project has finally arrived, and with the extra bonus of Louis d’Aboville’s digital projections. Louis is also interested in the mobile aspect for his interactive digital projection installations. The idea of combining the two successful projects is pure genius, as both outcomes are very successful on street level.

Toy hacking works in the public realm on the street as tested on Hove Lawns, and Providence Place in Brighton. The providence Place site was later revisited for the Shine on London Road project, which showcased the premier convergence of toy hacking and digital interactive projection installations.

Louis and David are going to present this project in Brussels at the FoAm Gallery and EU ICT and Art Connect Commission on May 12th 2014.

We are very excited about this and will be posting more info about the project soon.

In the mean time enjoy these pictures

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