Eindhoven Day 1: Childrens Makerspace visit (Ontdek Fabriek): Thursday 8th May 2014

Last night David and Louis arrived in Brussels and stayed at the Hotel Manhattan, a cheap and easy hotel that had a real David Lynch feel to it!

Today we went by train to Eindhoven in Holland, which took a couple of hours, with only one connection, a real easy journey…….unlike trains in the UK….

At 4pm we had an appointment at the Eindhoven Children’s Maker Space with Hugo Vrijdag, the projects founder and resident artist/maker. This place is amazing, it was like a giant toy construction factory. The makerspace was overwhelming, it had areas for making, three green screen areas (one for objects, one for scenes, and one for people, plus a private cinema, which is used to show story films that provide a narrative for use of the space.

Hugo explained the function of the space, how it was funded, and we conversed about other big funded projects within Holland that had failed, due to high start up costs. We explained to Hugo about Exploring Senses and that we are setting up a makerspace at BYC in Brighton for young people. Hugo advised to have low start up costs, low overheads, and we discussed the idea of being mobile. He seemed to think this would be the best option, as his venture is only funded for two more years, and the overheads are very high, which leads to a certain amount of uncertainty.

Check out the photos below, the space is incredible, thanks Hugo for your time and advice: )

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