Guerilla Mobile Toy Hacking workshop and road test at Beasties Ahoy Arts Exhibition Launch: Brighton Seafront: Friday 16th May 2014

It was a bright sunny day here in Brighton, and what better way to start the weekend that to provide a free Toy hacking event down near the beach on Madeira Drive on Brighton Seafront!

Today was the opening of the Beasties Ahoy collaborative arts exhibition in cosy gallery arch way. The lovely artists who invited us are digging the Toy hacks we create, and share a similar passion for DIY arts/urban/street arts etc. Last Christmas the collective hosted a toy inspired Christmas exhibition, which we were also invited to, but unfortunately we had too much going on in the diary.

We tested the mobile toy hack on folding bikes and collapsible trailers for the first time. This lean set-up had been tested indoors at Prestamax House (Exploring Senses R&D lab) but not on the public highways. 

The journey was a little hair raising as we had stacked the boxes too high and incorrectly distributed the weight. We will work this out for next time.

The workshop was a roaring success, and potentially this is our first mobile CommuniToy Performance. 

This workshop was part of the ICT and Art connect EU commission project.

Check out the images below;

Arts Council
CommuniToy Performances
Approx 30 Participants

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