David meeting AJ Coutts at Thoughtshift offices re BMMF2014: Young Inventors Centre is Invented

Today I met up with AJ Coutts from Thoughtshift to discuss a future collaboration for young people i Brighton. We share a mutual interest in the Brighton Fuse report and both would like to help steer young people into the right direction towards future long term employment.

I explained to AJ about Exploring Senses plans to develop an educational taster program for young people in Brighton and that we had just received a two year grant from the People’s Health Trust to run Maker Space project for young people at Brighton Youth Centre. We discussed the recent B.Radical event and how it would be great to run a similar event during the Brighton Digital Festival. AJ said it sounded like we wanted to create a educational program centred around ‘Young Inventors’. I agreed and loved the sound of Young Inventors.

The ‘Young Inventors Centre’ (YIC) was invented today…….see what happens next!

The YIC will potentially contain all of these elements;

Arts Council
Robotic CommuniToy 
CommuniToy Animations 
Bespoke CommuniToys
CommuniToy Kits
CommuniToy Performances

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