Guerilla Mobile Toy Hacking workshop with Interactive Toy Hack animation projections at Circus Street Brighton Fringe Closing Event: Saturday 31st May 2014

The Guerilla Mobile Toy Hack set up base camp at the Brighton Fringe Closing event at Circus Street Brighton and delivered the full monty Mobile Toy hack with digital interactive projections commissioned by ICT and Art Connect. This is the first time Exploring Senses has delivered both all elements of the commission (the toy hack, digital editing, and projection of newly edited toy hacks. The whole Exploring Senses crew facilitated the workshop including our ace photographer David Arnold. The workshop was a storming success with over 200 participants. The only downside was the lack of darkness for the interactive projection. In hindsight running the workshop at dusk would have been the perfect time instead of early afternoon.

Enjoy the pictures below;

Arts Council
CommuniToy Animations
CommuniToy Performances
Approx 200+ particpants

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