Exploring Senses meet Ian from 3Dify to discuss: 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Virtual and Augmented Reality: Friday 6th June 2014: 3-5pm

David Allistone met up with Ian Byrne, who is one third of local 3D scanning and 3D Printing crew ‘3Dify’ (wife Kati Byrne and long term friend of the family Mark Rayner make the trio).

Exploring Senses shared workspace with 3Dify at Brighton’s Fusebox between September 2013 until recently this easter when Exploring Senses relocated its R&D lab to Prestamax House. We do miss the conversations and the networking opportunities that the FuseBox provided, but this does not prevent collaboration, as we still meet lots of people at Prestamax House, and are always welcome to drop by the FuseBox!!: )

David previously discussed with Ian and Mark on several occasions about possible collaborations, as Exploring Senses have been interested in creating bespoke CommuniToy Toy hack creations which have 3D scanned and 3D printed human body limbs embedded into Toy hack creations. In fact Ian, Kati and their children have participated in a Exploring Senses Toy Hacking workshops and decided to give Exploring Senses a some of their miniature people scan 3D printed miss prints to hack away with to test this idea in miniature scale. Unfortunately the time to collaborate was not quite right as 3Dify are still fully submerged into the construction of their second prototype human sized 3D scanner/sensor, an therefore unable to spare time for new interesting collaborative projects.

Luckily Ian agreed to spare some time to provide some advice about 3D scanning, 3D printing, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

In short we discussed several options and products that would be suitable for Exploring Senses to experiment with in our Arts Council ‘CommuniToy’ R&D project.

Arts Council

CommuniToy Animation
CommuniToy Kits
Bespoke CommuniToy

!!: )

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