Inition Demo Studio: Virtual Reality Open Day for London Technology Week: Tuesday 17th June: 4-7pm

Gareth Pugh x Inition x Oculus Rift for Selfridges: Thanks to Inition Studio for use of this image: )

David and Louis attended a free Vitual Reality event at the ‘Inition’ Demo Studio. It was a real eye opener as we got to test some amazing cutting edge Virtual and Augmented reality experiences.

One of the best things we encountered was the Inition x Gareth Pugh Oculus Rifty experience created for use in selfridges. This experience was amazing, as its simplicity and complexity merged perfectly. Also the participant wears a bass pack and headphones which helps perfect the experience. The only thing ,missing is that you are unable to see your hands. I think this will be the ultimate experience once you can see your hands in front of you, luckily we will not have to wait too long as ‘Control VR’ is a product that can do this;

Another ace experience was an Oculus Rift walk the plank simulation. You actually walked across a wobbly wooden plank and there was a wind tunnel to simulate the draft felt as you would actually feel walking a plank across a ravine. This simulation did feel real, i felt vertigo sickness, and was dizzy after the experience, mind games can definitely space you out and play trick on the brain!

In fact Louis and me both felt rather odd after we left the Inition building walking through the tall city business sector of London. Our vision and stability took some time to adjust to walking normally……..VR simulation sickness effects for sure. Is this enough of a problem to prevent further investigation of VR? No way, its too exciting!!: )

At the studio we also got to play with some awesome Augmented Reality experiences using iPad app and the cyber science ‘Zspace’ experience, which is a passive 3D display with tracking components.

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