Exploring Senses launch ‘Young Inventors Centre’ at Big Bang Science Fair South East 1st July 2014

Exploring Senses artists and technologists showcased exciting electronic and digital experiments at Big Bang Science Fair South East for the young people who visited the show to play with. We had an amazing response from boys and girls of all ages who enjoyed playing with the Oculus Rift VR reality environment gaming headset, digital doodles courtesy of Nic Seymour Smith (a new member of the ES crew), Mind Control Scalextric, Toy Hack Theremin’s, Toy Hack LED Matrices, and various other electronic noisy experiments and simplified Toy Hack creations!

This event also launched the soft launch of the Exploring Senses ‘Young Inventors Centre’, which is a mobile maker-space for young people that will be starting at Brighton Youth Centre in September 2014. 

For further information about the ‘Young Inventors Centre’ see the two images below as we are providing a bigger launch during the Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2014… we are very excited about this!!: )

Arts Council
Robotic CommuniToy
CommuniToy Performances
CommuniToy Kits
CommuniToy Animations

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