Evolving In Conversation – Brighton and Hove Libraries Arts Council Project

Exploring Senses David Allistone and Hannah Coxeter have been offered a exciting opportunity to work in partnership with the library and Photoworks in support their Arts Council Project, ‘Evolving in Conversation’. We will support the creative facilitation and embedding Arts Award in the project delivery.

About Evolving in Conversation 

Brighton & Hove Libraries Services is working in partnership with Photoworks on the project Evolving in Conversation. Young people will be offered opportunities to participate in a series of practical workshops, discovering photography and experimenting with artistic techniques, to explore the theme How Individuals Make Society Change.

Collaboration is a key element of this project and, as part of this; four photographers will be commissioned to create new work in response to the same theme as the young people.

A team of creative facilitators, including artist, youth worker and library service staff, will support the young people and the commissioned photographers to maintain an ongoing dialogue, exchanging ideas, sharing working processes and contributing to a digital journal throughout the project.

The work created will be celebrated in a showcase day that puts the young people on the same stage as professionals.

The passing on of experiences will be a catalyst for new work in the wider Evolving in Conversation project, fostering greater collaboration between libraries and arts organisations enabling a more creative approach to library services and a more effective response to the communities they serve.

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