Exploring Senses x Oriel High School: Day 1: Toy Hacking workshop: 16th July 2014

Today was the first of three days of Toy Hacking workshops at Oriel High School. This is the first time Exploring Senses has worked in a school for three consecutive days focussing on Toy Hacking as the underpinning theme.

Day 1: AM session

We introduced the students to the wondrous creative world of toy hacking. All eleven students totally embraced the spirit of Toy hacking and made some amazing Toy Hack creations. Check out the images below to see what they made.

Day 1: PM session

The students started to make motorised toy hacks. I will post images of their final motorised toy hacks on Day 2.

Charlie was a Toy Hacking natural, he totally nailed this activity, and managed to continue making a large number of toy hacks throughout the three days

Below are some photos of two of the best Toy hacks made by Daniel;

Below is a photo of Feswal’s favourite Toy Hack he made;

George made some great Toy hacks, movement appears to be the emerging theme, check them out below;

Harry made some ace mutant animal vs human hybrids;

Jamie created some amazing twisted Toy Hacks;

Check out Jessica’s playful Toy Hacks;

Jim’s favourite Toy Hack mushroom mystery time machine;

Max, a young man with a great sense of humour, his creations below are thought provoking to say the least;

Ryan created two versions of his alter ego;

Last but not least we have Victor’s fantastic creations!

Arts Council
CommuniToy Kits

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