Exploring Senses x Oriel High School: Day 2: Motorised Toy Hacking workshop: 17th July 2014

Today is the second Toy Hacking workshop day at Oriel High.

Day 2: AM Session

The students continued to make their motorised Toy Hacks. Most were completed by lunch time. Check out the images below.

Charlie produced a mighty fine skull crushing dragster;

Feswal’s turbo booster was very fast indeed;
Max opted to make a small little feisty red devil;

Jessica proved that babies can race whilst shopping for food;

Day 2: PM Session

We raced the motorised Toy Hacks, check out the film below;

After the race Chris Willatt introduced a design project of how to make a catapult. Some of the students were not keen on making a catapult so we let them toy hack some more, and introduced flashing LED’s and alternative ways of using motors.

Some photo’s of more Toy Hacks made by Charlie and Hannah Coxeter;

Arts Council
Robotic CommuniToy
CommuniToy Kits

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