Exploring Senses x Oriel High School: Day 3: Catapults, LED and Theremin Toy Hacks: 18th July 2014

The third and final day of our Toy Hacking extravaganza at Oriel High was a real belter. The students had really gone to town with Toy hacking and had made some crazy twisted and very humorous innovative creations. All the students said they wanted to do more Toy Hacking and we have been invited back to the school already for next years enrichment program, yipeee!!: )

Big thanks to the students and teachers (Grant and Richard), the technicians and lovely ladies at reception at Oriel High who made us feel welcome and made this project a success!

Day 3: AM Session

The am session involved some students choosing to make Toy hacks embedded with a Theremin, flashing LED’s or motors. Other students continued making their catapults. Check out the images and films below.

Victor made an awesome T-Rex Theremin embedded Toy Hack. The LRD is located in the eye socket and the belly contains the speaker. Victor even embedded a small slide switch. A very awesome creation indeed!

Jim was totally obsessed with Toy Hacking. He really got to grips with the process and started to play around and reuse his toy hacks to make new sculptural forms, and also decided to embed the Theremin he made. Check out the film and photo below;

Check out the LED Toy Hacks;

Day 3: PM Session

Its time for the catapult Challenge: Toy Hack Catapult ‘vs’ Wooden Catapult

Above is a catapult designed by Chris Willatt and a student from Oriel High with Toy bucket attachment.

Below is a catapult inspired by the above wooden catapult, but entirely constructed out of recycled toys designed and made by Exploring Senses artists David Allistone, Hannah Coxeter and Victor, a student from Oriel High School.

The finale of the day was the extreme outdoor catapult challenge, which tested the skills of the students abilities to make and use wooden and toy hack catapults effectively whilst operating them in the blistering near midday heat of the sun, o’boy it was hot that day, and amazing!!: )

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