Shuffle Festival 2014: Toy Hack Augmented Reality Experiences incorporated in Robot Relays: Sat 2nd August

Exploring Senses artists were invited to participate in Shuffle Festival 2014 at Tower Hamlets London. The Home Live Arts crew booked Exploring Senses to provide a Robot Relays workshop with a digital Toy hacking twist as part of their awesome ‘Alternative Village Fete’ touring show. This is the first of two gigs with Home Live Arts, the second being LolliBop Festival later this month, and we are hoping this will continue into the future.

For the Shuffle Festival Exploring Senses artists created some augmented reality digital experiences using the free Aurasma app to host the digital media (Auras), which is triggered using smart mobile devices. 

Check out the images below, and scan the QR code above to find out about the Exploring Senses Aurasma Channel and how to experience augmented reality now.

The Robot Relays session went down a storm, a little jousting here and there on space hoppers, but the augmented reality experiences really inspired some of the local young people, some of whom we had the pleasure to work with last week during the Hopscotch Day Toy hack.

Check out the screen shots from an Apple iPhone 5C using the Aurasma app with Exploring Senses Robot Relays Auras created by Louis d’Aboville;

Arts Council
CommuniToy Preformances – Future Augmented Reality games with Mobile devices
Bespoke CommuniToy – Auras could be embedded into Toy Hack exhibitions
IdentiToy – Virtual and Augmented Reality

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