Exploring Senses x BACA ‘ImagiNATION’ Summer School: Monday August 11th 2014

Exploring Senses have been contracted by BACA to provide two weeks of Summer School program for new students about to join the school. The strand we were asked to design content for is called ‘My ImagiNATION’, and is focussed towards arts and crafts.

Day 1: AM Session

Today we started the week with a visit to ‘The Keep’, a place where all the local people and business records, including maps and history archives are kept.

We thought this would be a great place to learn about local history, and possibly important local people including celebrities, who have helped shape our local communities.

Below are some photos from the day;

Day 1: PM Session

The Keep session was interesting to the staff, but did not really hit the mark for the young people. We had to shake things up a bit to get the young people inspired. It was time to pull out our first joker card……you guessed, its time for Toy Hacking, and it worked a treat!!

Arts Council

CommuniToy Kits – in school

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