Exploring Senses presents: B.fest Young Inventors Centre ‘Live’ at BYC: Sat 27th September 2014

Exploring Senses and BYC present ‘B.fest: Young Inventors Centre Live’ digital event for young people aged 13-19yrs. Expect live music and coding, 3D printing & 3D scanning workshops, film, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences, interactive puppet animations & robotics, electronic instruments making workshops, and more!

Local young people, artists and technologists will be providing a variety of state of the art digital and analog experiences including;
Human sized 3D scanning and 3D printing courtesy of local Brighton Fusebox artists in residence 3Dify. Come down and get yourself scanned to create your own mini-me digital avatar.
Exploring Senses artists will be showcasing Toy Hack vs Human Hack 3D scan and 3D print hybrid human creations.

Live music: Venue B will present a line up of top young acts.
Live digital music workshops and experiences;

Noisy Table (ping pong digital visual & audio interactions)
Chris Willatt (Exploring Senses Theremin workshop)
Nick Seymour-Smith (Musical Doodles: digital conductive paint instruments)
Matt Pike  (music controlled by facial gestures)
Live Coding: code generated music
Live digital Toy Hack interactive puppet animations created by Exploring Senses artist Louis d A’boville
Experience architecture and urban regeneration up close with local artists ‘Block Builders’ who will provide you with an opportunity to rebuild your local environment using Minecraft and Oculus Rift Virtual Reality digital technology.
Exploring Senses artists will be showcasing augmented reality experiences generated by local young people. This is your chance to play to see how exciting 2D images can come to life by use of embedded augmented reality digital technology
There will be a selection of film opportunities on offer including;
BYC Skate Park Film crew
BYC events team film/documentary
BYC Cinema

N.B. Prior to this event you will have the opportunity to take part in a series of Young Inventors Educational Workshops. Please access information about dates and times of Workshops and whether they are drop-in or bookable at http://www.exploringsenses.co.uk.
The Young Inventors Centre is a place young people can learn how to use the latest digital technologies, experiment with low and high tech ideas, start projects with your friends & possibly kick-start a career!
As part of the process you can achieve An Arts Awards Accreditation.
The Young Inventors Centre is a two year educational maker space project for young people funded by The People’s Health Trust, managed and run by Exploring Senses artists, technologists and educators.
We believe happy people make positive actions!

Find out more here

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