Exploring Senses: Young Inventors Center at Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2014: Sat 6th September 2014

Exploring Senses are gearing up to launch the launching the Young Inventors Centre ‘Live’ event at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2014, with a workshop themed  ‘Noisy, Wearable, Playful City’. There will be 12 artists from the South of England and North of France taking part and facilitating workshops organised by Exploring Senses and supported by ReCreate.
There workstations will contain recycled materials, courtesy of Feegle. Participants  will be invited to play and make things, mixing low tech with high tech, analogue or digital, virtual reality and augmented reality, arts, crafts, textiles, electronics, science, sound, and social media. All tools and materials will be provided, bring your enthusiasm, skills, tools and run the workshop with other artists.

More information about the program of activities will be released later this week, so watch this space!!: )

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CommuniToy Kits
Bespoke CommuniToy
Robotic CommuniToy

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