‘Our Place’ – Exploring Senses x SprungDigi at QEII Silver Jubilee School Horsham 20/01/2015

Today Exploring Senses artists provided our second of two digital making sessions at QEII Silver Jubilee School in Horsham as part of SprungDigi.

We worked in partnership with the same groups of young people as last week to help them construct ‘Our Place’ a digi-craft large scale 3D model of what their dream Horsham might look like if it contained the facilities they desired and dream of.

The cardboard creations were embedded with digital sound installation recording that complimented the structures, which were turned into cardboard speakers using digital amps and exciters. 

The season was a huge success and we are looking forward to the SprungDigi Festival during July 10th and 11th 2015, as the structures created today will make the start point of an even bigger ‘Our Place’ installation.

Big thanks to all the Exploring Senses artists, SprunDigi crew and QEII staff and students who help make this happen!!: )

Enjoy the pictures taken by Exploring Senses photographer David Arnold.

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