Young Inventors Centre visits Varndean school Brighton

Exploring Senses visited Varndean school to promote the Young Inventors Centre digital maker space project at Brighton Youth Centre. Oculus Rift virtual reality is always popular with young people, as you can see form the queue in these photos.
Young people liked the 3D printer and 3D printing pens. Several young people commented that this is the first time they had encountered any of these technologies.

3D printing pens are always popular. Its a great way to introduce how to think and make three dimensionally as you can hands on learn by making. It takes a little time to master the 3D printing pens, but this also teaches patience!
We are lucky to have a portable 3D scanner/3D camera which you can use to scan/photograph 3D objects. Young people love using this technology, and the 3D scans can be converted into 3D printable objects or become digital assets for a game, augmented or virtual reality experience. Such technology is revolutionising the way we make digitally, its very inspiring, and young people totally get it!


The calm after the storm, another great day in a school with young people.
Thanks to all at Varndean who helped make this happen: )

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