People Place Digital Mutations workshop_Brighton Mini Maker Faire_Brighton Digital Festival Educational Commission 2015

Ohhh YEAH!!!  Brighton Mini Maker Faire is upon us, let the making frenzy begin………and how good was it this year, bloomin’ awesome for sure, my toes hardly touched the ground, from start to end, the event was chocka, lots of families, young people and adult geeks/artists/makers……in short happy creative people, doing what they do best, making things happen!!: )

This year Exploring Senses were lucky once again to be selected by the Brighton Digital Festival educational commission. We provided a series of ‘People Place Digital Mutations’ (PPDM) workshops and exhibition during BDF15 festival. and this event was the first. We are totally stoked to win this commission, it helped us realise this projects full potential. 

PPDM is a creative process investigating how makers can flip flop between arts, crafts and radically new digital technologies. We started this process last year during our Exploring Senses  Arts Council CommuniToy research and development project, which was more focused on Toy Hacking digital processes. During the R&D project we started to play with 3D scanning, 3D modelling Oculus Rift virtual reality and Aurasma augmented reality technologies. This year we decided to investigate how we could move forward with our Robot Relays project (make cardboard robots, then play jousting and racing games on space hoppers….totally rad by the way!!: ) by adding digital technology participatory processes. 

Our creative journey has been fast paced action straight from the word go. Starting with SprungDigi cardboard city mayhem we began experimenting with 3D scanning, 3D model making, Oculus Rift virtual reality and Minecraft with fellow peers BlockBuilders (the peeps who take educational Minecraft multi-playing to the next level) who also help facilitate our weekly ‘Young Inventors Centre’ digital makers space sessions at BYC (see advert on main page). During the last SprungDigi event at the drill hall in Horsham we started to import the 3D scans of cardboard dream building and people into Minecraft. This created a stunning visual world of Minecraft relics, which could then be rebuilt into something new. Imagine lost worlds, ancient civilisations, Raiders of the lost Ark, yeah that’s the place we started to create, and this is just the start of the journey, check out the film below:

Exploring Senses photographer David Arnold photo documented the workshop experience. You can see the journey of people making random cardboard wearables, then getting 3D scanned and imported into Minecraft with the help of our friends BlockBuilders (Megan and Joe).

Big thanks to all who participated and help make this event happen: )

The picture below were taken by David Allistone during the 3D scanning process:

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